Review of CLGM in the Časopis pro moderní filologii

Lucie Lukešová reviewed Corpus Linguistics: A Guide to the Methodology for the Časopis pro moderní filologii last year. If you read Czech or if you, like me, are willing to trust Google Translate, you can read the text here.

The review is very positive overall, concluding as follows: “I dare
say that the author succeeded in what he set out to do – to create a textbook that was lacking in the market. It is full of information, and yet the reader does not find themselves lost or overwhelmed. That is why I am happy to recommend it not only to all my students, but also to colleagues who, like me, sometimes need a reliable beacon (and sometimes a lifeline) in the stormy waters of corpus data.”

I sometimes dream of living in an old lighthouse on the Baltic Sea coast – it will always remain a dream, as I am very much an urbanite who gets nervous when he is more than a few hours away from a major city, but it certainly lets me appreciate Lucie’s maritime metaphor!

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