p. 133

  • The formula to compute κ contains the wrong Po value: this should be 0.9 (as calculated on page 131), not 0.7667. The result shown for κ is correct, however.

p. 180

  • The χ² value for Table 6.5 is given as 2.16, which is correct if you perform the calculations without rounding. However, because of rounding errors caused by rounding the χ² components to two decimal places, it should be given as 2.17 (which is what you get if you add up the χ² components in Table 6.5).
  • Also, note that Table 6.5 is erroneously referred to as Table 7.3 in the paragraph following it.

p. 447

  • The table of critical chi-square values is missing the column giving the degrees of freedom. The table is still usable – simply count the lines (line 1 = 1 degree of freedom, line 2 = 2 degrees of freedom, etc.).