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A message to my readers

My open-access textbook Corpus Linguistics: A Guide to the Methodology, which took me 15 years to write, was finally published in early 2020, just as the COVID pandemic hit the world.

I had planned to launch the book together with a companion website containing additional resources, study questions, exercises and the like,  but like many colleagues, I was overwhelmed by the sudden COVID-induced task of moving my teaching and my administrative duties online, disrupting all of the comfortable work routines I had adopted to leave time for things like research, family life, and setting up companion websites for textbooks.

As I do not see an end to the pandemic, let alone to the disruptions it has caused, I have decided to launch the website in blog form. On the one hand, this format is more modest than what I had originally planned, as it means that the website will remain perpetually incomplete, growing toward a more complete version of itself post by post whenever I find the time.

On the other hand, this format is more aspirational than I had originally envisioned, as enough time has passed since the publication of the book for me to start thinking about where it might be improved, and this blog will be a place not only for the exercises and study questions I had originally planned, but also (or perhaps, instead) for revisions and additional material to be included in a second edition (which, however, should not be expected for at least another three years, so please keep using the current edition)! Continue reading